Zodiac Series 2017

Our inclination to explore western astrology has developed into the Blial Cabal Zodiac Series and quickly became one of our favorite monthly ventures.

Each zodiac sign is illustratively represented by mingling Egyptian, Greek, and Roman Mythology with the esoteric and Occult.

Starting with Aquarius, all twelve houses will be explored with anticipation to achieve a personal connection between each individual and their inherent disposition represented by the characteristic modes of expression.

Aquarius – January 19th
Pisces – February 19th
Aries – March 20th

Release Dates

Scorpio – October 23rd
Sagittarius – November 21st
Capricorn – December 21st 

Leo – July 22nd
Virgo – August 22nd
Libra – September 22nd 

Taurus – April 20th
Gemini – May 20th
Cancer – June 20th