The Illustrator And The Printmaker


Award winning artist Steven Tovar specializes in the exceptionally unforgiving art of nib and ink illustration. Stevens detail focused hatching technique is a most distinctive attribute of Blial Cabal. His subject matters remain all things macabre and are Always hand drawn with an odious mind and never digitally enhanced.

Through her ritual like printing process Maranda, the printmaker, delivers an assortment of ever changing Blial Cabal Functional Art. Maranda’s various and unique Limited editions include anything from shirts, leggings, and hoodies to Art-Prints Brush painted with handmade potions of Toasted Black Cavendish Fine Pipe Tobacco and Manhattan Rye Whiskey.

You can imagine why this illustrator and printmaker duo is exceptionally paired, designing and delivering art in various forms including; functional, wearable, collectable, framed, prints & other limited edition creations.

Portrait by

Davide Rankore